Thursday, January 24, 2013

Candies & Stripes

I have just returned from the most marvellous vacation I have ever been on! For a week Hugh and I stayed at a wonderful retro 50s themed hotel right on the beach and did absolutely nothing. Other than go to the beach, nap, shop, eat ice cream and go out to wonderful dinners that is. I was in holiday mode and pretty lazy with getting photos, but I did manage to get a few outfit photos and pictures of our gorgeous hotel. There will be lots more photos in posts to come!

The vacation was a spur of the moment sort of thing. We'd stumbled upon the hotel by accident last time we were at the beach and I fell in love with the atomic style furnishings and vintage theme. So, we decided to get 2013 to a great start by going on a nice relaxing holiday before things start to get really busy. I feel that it is just what we needed to get ready for the busy year ahead!

I was very sensible and packed light, taking sun dresses like this one and halter-neck dresses to get me through the hot weather. This dress was perfect for the beach and the pockets came in handy for holding sea shells, as well as my shoes while running around the beach.