Sunday, May 24, 2015

Glen or Glenda

Completely simple and low key as this outfit may be, I always feel particularly fabulous when I wear it. This may be to do with the freedom of movement that wearing swishy pants like these allows, or it could be the cheeky, cropped midriff top. The fact that both pieces are extremely comfortable to wear is of course, an added bonus.

Fellow bloggers are often to blame for my shopping addiction, or rather should I call it inspiration, and this particular outfit was inspired by Ellen who made me realize that an elegant off-shoulder black top is an essential wardrobe staple. I stopped buying fashion magazines around the same time I started reading blogs and I feel that this is no coincidence. I love blogs and my favorite ones are those that show realistic every day looks, that show what clothing looks like on various body types.

As you can see, I've really been enjoying wearing trousers lately, but that is not to say that I have gotten over my love of dresses! I love the way that high waisted 1940s style trousers have a powerful, masculine cut but at the same time compliment the female figure; thus creating a strong look that is also feminine. 

Trousers - Collectif
Shoes - Mel

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Leaves of Red and Gold

Plaid - as lovely as it is, it tends to be a very popular fabric choice for school uniforms! This dress in particular makes me think of the characters outfits in Mona Lisa Smile - 40s/50s collegiate style. I love preppy vintage looks so it isn't any surprise that this dress made it's way into my wardrobe. The shoes do give the outfit even more of a school look, and if I was attending university in the 50s this is just what I would wear on campus!

It was an unexpected epiphany one night trawling ebay when I came across this dress that Collectif had many seasons ago, gasped, and clicked "buy it now". What followed is the euphoria only a serious clothing addict might be able to understand, because there are few things more satisfying than finding the dress that got away!

At the moment I have been on a mission to buy actual winter clothing as we are planing on moving to a place where winter is a real thing, rather than an anomaly as it is here. I was honestly quite shocked when I saw this rogue, typical European autumn looking tree, that for a moment I forgot where I was! I still have no clue what it is - not a maple or a conker tree, but whatever it is it was lovely and reminded me of the autumns of my childhood.

Dress - Collectif
Shoes - Wittner

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An October Wedding

It feels a little strange writing about my personal life on here, but as some of you already know I got engaged back in February and the last few months have been spent planning the wedding. It has been overwhelming, and at times incredibly intimidating when confronted with the bridal magazines that are out there, with their images of perfectly styled weddings with professional wedding stylists, caterers, hair and makeup people, and an army of photographers and videographers. There have been many instances where I have wanted to throw in the towel as we have a very modest budget since our number one priority is to get our own place, much as it would be amazing to have a lavish wedding.

Everything we have planned for the wedding will be done on our own, although we are very fortunate to have family and friends on board to lend a hand. At times it has felt like I have bitten off more than I can chew, but I'm hoping it will all fall in place. We are having the wedding in a beautiful cathedral in Hugh's home town and the reception will be held at a little cottage by a lake, in the house where Hugh's nana grew up.

The dress I'm wearing is an authentic 1950s vintage dress from Paris and I am extremely pleased with it as it truly is the wedding dress of my dreams! As you know, I don't wear authentic vintage but I decided on a vintage dress for my wedding day as I feel a vintage piece is perfect for a one off special occasion. The bridesmaids dresses are all by an Australian vintage reproduction designer that I love, as of course it isn't possible to get a hold of four vintage bridesmaids dresses in varying sizes!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

1930s Nautical

Ahhh winter in Queensland! This week I've been to the beach and swam in the ocean - which most people wouldn't generally do in winter, but it was wonderful, perfect even - apart from a lone shark that turned up and cut our swim a little short! I still wasn't over my beach kick however, so the next day we drove to another beach which was more of the promenading sort, to take in the sea air and eat fish and chips.

When it comes to outfit inspiration, a lot of the time when I am going through vintage photos, certain outfits stick in my mind and I become determined to recreate them or at least inspired to find something similar. I have been on the hunt for the perfect 30s style trousers for a while now and so I was very pleased to get a hold of these ones that are so similar to ones I have seen in vintage photos! Same thing with these sunglasses which are just like some I saw on the cover of a vintage Vogue.

These trousers are an absolute dream to wear! They actually feel as soft and comfortable as the pajama pants I wear at home, which is pretty fabulous considering they are outside clothes! Since I am quite short, I had them taken up - which is something I have accepted is going to be the done thing now that I am into wearing pants - and that's just fine!

Shoes - Novo
Sunnies - Ebay