Thursday, October 31, 2013


In Australia Halloween isn't really celebrated the way it is in the US, but I've been getting into the Halloween spirit by watching horror movies and eating a lot of candy. I spent this morning exploring one of the huge cemeteries in our city, and while I didn't feel comfortable getting any outfit photos while there (too weird!) I thought to share a few photos of the beautiful Victorian iron work and stone masonry. This particular cemetery is a 150 years old and is quite fascinating but also creepy. On one particular occasion when I was walking through a field of graves I heard two disembodied voices having a full conversation...I still get the chills when I think about it. 

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gingham and Pretzels!

Top - Collectif
Skirt - Collectif
Shoes - I Love Billy
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! My weekend so far has involved a bit of shopping at the farmers market, eating pretzels, drinking beer - all while wearing gingham of course!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nautical Stripes and Heart Shaped Glasses!

Romper - Tara Starlet
A few posts ago I wrote about my new found love of rompers, and here is my second one! I love nautical outfits so much and every now and then I can't resist adding one more to my wardrobe (there may be a third sailor dress under the Christmas tree this year). This was my first romper from Tara Starlet and I have worn it everywhere - grocery shopping, the beach, and even out to dinner!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Swimming with Dolphins

Swimwear - Modcloth, get it here!
Sunglasses - Asos
These photos were taken a week ago now, on a gorgeous warm day. I woke up early and saw the most beautiful sunrise and watched the sea mist roll in from the ocean. The day before we had seen dolphins in the surf, however, I could not have been more surprised when four of them joined us in the water! They swam five meters away from us and made adorable noises as they went by.

For the holiday I packed both of my Esther Williams bikinis, including this cherry print one I blogged about earlier this year. I love both of my Esther Williams bikinis so much and they get so much wear that I must get another one soon. Something that I especially adore is that their sizing is consistent - which is very important when ordering swimwear online, for me in particular since I am all the way in Australia.

The best thing about these bikinis is that the sizing is extremely Australian friendly! I am an Australian size eight and sized up to the US size eight - it's a perfect fit. So something to keep in mind if you're in Australia and are thinking of ordering one - order your Australian size and the fit should be spot on!

Friday, October 4, 2013

My Own Private Ocean

Skirt - Modcloth
Blouse - Valley Girl
Shoes - I Love Billy
On our first morning we awoke early to walk along the beach across the road from our beach house. I wanted to explore the rock pools at low tide and got very excited when I saw dolphins swimming nearby! Further into the ocean we could see humpback whales swimming with their calves beside them.

The beach where we're staying is a national park, so it is a wild beach and is very quiet with few people around; with exception of the fishermen and the pelicans who flock to them we have had the beach to ourselves most days. Here there is nothing around for miles except for a small convenience store ten minutes down the road. The nearest town is a twenty minute drive through the bush with nothing more than a small pub and a motel.

As you can see, I packed pretty casually for this holiday! The reason I don't wear separates often is because I have a hard time shopping for things that match, but I think I am getting much better at it, tempting as it is to just buy dresses all the time.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bush Road Trip!

Dress - courtesy of Bernie Dexter, get it here!
Shoes - I Love Billy
Yesterday we got in the car and drove to New South Wales where we are staying in a lovely little beach house over looking the ocean. And I wore my hair in a pony tale - the horror, I know! But we were on a road trip and with all of the packing the night before I couldn't be fussed to set my hair; very slack of me.

I absolutely love road trips, watching the beautiful Australian countryside go by, and looking at all of the animals of course. I got a bit excited when I saw this mob of kangaroos so we got out of the car and took some photos! If you look closely, the kangaroo in the second last photo has a joey in its pouch.