Monday, August 4, 2014

Guest Post - Lovebirds Vintage

Dress - 1960s Vintage from Uncle Sam's Vintage Clothing in Oxford
Hair band - High street (New Look, maybe) | Shoes - Primark | Bracelet - gift
Hi everyone, I'm Helen from Lovebirds Vintage. I'm very happy to be here guest posting for Harlow while she is away.

I picked up this handmade 60s dress in Oxford when I was visiting last year. It's perfect for the hot weather we've been having recently (by English standards at least) as its quite loose fitting and comfortable. The blue and yellow colours make me think of Snow White so I added the red hairband to complete the look. I thought the heart padlock bracelet was a nice nod to the box that is meant for Snow White's heart.

The dress needed a little TLC before I could wear it. One or two of the seams needed mending and a button was missing. It originally had six buttons (so was down to five buttons with the missing one) and since I've so far not found a matching replacement, I just took the odd button off and went down to four buttons instead. I've kept the odd one just in case I ever find a match though!

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I hope you have all enjoyed Lovebirds Vintage lovely guest post, it has been a pleasure to be able to share Helen's wonderful blog with you all! Over the next few weeks I am looking forward to sharing with you some of my favorite vintage and retro blogs so keep your eyes peeled for more guest posts!


  1. Hi Helen! Such a lovely blog post. You are gorgeous, great photos and a wonderful outfit! I am now following you x

  2. How splendidly sweet to see your lovely face (and vintage outfit!) on Harlow's blog today, dear Helen. That is such a charming, fun 60s frock. Partnering it with matching dark blue style deck shoes makes me think of the kind of outfit Bardot or Jean Seberg might have sported back in the day.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. i always enjoy Helen's posts and i can't wait to see more guests posts. i've found some of my favorite blogs because of guest posts. thank for sharing.
    lovely dress, Helen! its just so perfect, to die for, really. i love how a lot your outfit pictures are shot outdoors, so beautiful!

  4. Loving that 60's dress and how the red was tied in there with the colour scheme. Such a happy, summery outfit!

  5. you look absolutely gorgeous Helen:) love the red headband!

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

  6. Oh, this is such a good idea! For the past two years I haven't been very inspired by vintage clothing, because my dresses didn't fit me anymore. But now I'm really into 50s stuff again, and I'm basically recreating my whole wardrobe. So I'm looking forward to the guest posts, as they probably will be a good inspiration for me! (And for my blog, I wanna start posting vintage stuff again. :)

  7. I like how you matched your dress and sneakers!

    xo T.

  8. I love that idea of "guest post". A lovely lady propose me to do one, but I have to say I am quite scare because english isn't my mother language and I'll have to write in english.
    I am really thinking of doing some guest posts on my blog (even if just few people read it!)

    The dress is so cute! I am glad because thanks to this post, I know another vintage blog! I love so much reading them!


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