Monday, March 23, 2015


Dress - Retrospec'd - via Pinup Empire Clothing
Shoes - Novo
Sunglasses - Juicy Couture
Just a few photos from this past fortnight! There have been bowls of coffee consumed and many essays written, but when I have had a chance for a quick break I've enjoyed getting away from textbooks and the computer by going for walks. When I'm stressed I find walking away from it all and spending time outdoors among nature always helps to soothe me. I've also just started a job that's relevant to my Masters degree and I'm actually very happy with how everything is going at the moment, I only wish there were more hours in a day!

My outlet - and my vice, online shopping, has led me to using a sort of rewards system when it comes to writing essays and I've been...treating myself. Many of these purchases have been by Australian reproduction designers because with the weak Australian dollar it is not possible to justify buying anything from the US - not that I am at all languishing, in fact I am proud to add home grown brands to my wardrobe such as Retrospec'd. So while I will always love the wonderful US and UK brands I have in my wardrobe, it is good to be supporting Australian designers which I hope to blog about soon!


  1. Beautiful photos - and considering you're having a stressful time you still manage to look relaxed and happy, so clearly the time outdoors is paying off. Hope it's all going well - I found trying to work while studying a nightmare, my brain just can't multi-task like that, so I'm always in awe of those who manage it! Looking forward to seeing more about Australian brands - not that I can ever afford the shipping, but I like to know what's out there! CC x

  2. Lovely photos I must say! I'm always impressed with people who keep up blogging with other commitments because it gives me hope that I too will manage it, as I take on more and more! And good on you for supporting local x

  3. These are beautiful! I also took time this weekend to go outside and be in nature to help with stress! It does wonders!
    I like your reward system for keeping yourself motivated! Sometimes it just really helps.

  4. I love that Retrospec'd dress, I was thinking of buying that same dress a while back, but decided on something else instead! Such a great idea to reward yourself, after all that hard study! :)

  5. Gorgeous dress! Those big, bold, lush poppies are every bit as pretty as, say roses or daisies, but seem fresher and all the more interesting.

    Goodness, do I hear you about the weak dollar. The Canadian dollar has taken a royal thrashing in the last several months and I've almost had to stop buying from the US completely myself, too. Unfortunately we don't have much in the way of Canadian repro/vintage brands and not a lot of online (or offline, for that matter) shops that stock, but I have been supporting those that do and visit some of them almost daily to see if they've added anything that I've been eyeing for a quite while or that is a new entry on the ol' wishlist. Hopefully both of our currencies will improve as 2015 continues. I love supporting Canadian shops and sellers, but it is nice to be able to shop from a wider array of companies, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. You look adorable as always, dress is so cute. I know this month for me was stressy too, and so busy, I didnt had time for anything. Wish you all best on new job <3

  7. Congrats on getting a job related to your masters degree! That's no small feat! And you look adorable, as always!

    -Lauren Blair

  8. it's such a shame about the US dollar conversion at the moment, we had it so good for so long and now everything is much more expensive and it sucks! :( i don't tend to buy a lot of repro from dedicated online repro brands but i adore a bit of dangerfield and the brands they stock since they tend to be a bit more affordable and have sales a lot too. also congrats on your job - so glad to hear everything is going well with you and hopefully all the essays and uni work will be over soon! xx

    jessica -


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