Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chinese New Year at New Shanghai

To celebrate Chinese New Year which ends this weekend, we went to New Shanghai - my favorite Chinese restaurant. I love all dumplings from Russian pelmeni, to Japanese gyoza, but Chinese dumplings are by far my most favorite and they just so happen to be the specialty at New Shanghai where they are made fresh on the spot. I never need an excuse to come here for their delicious pan fried pork dumplings, and Chinese New Year turned out to be the perfect occasion to go again!


  1. How beautitful does this restaurant look? and those dumplings! mmmmm I love CNY and I def ate lots of food and celebrated! some really lovely shots xxxx

  2. Everything looks so perfect. I'm suddenly quite hungry! x

  3. What a great place for the occasion! Your pictures are once again beautiful! As I really like the aesthetic look of the dumpling plate, I have to say; only an Artist like you can make a plate of Noodles look THAT good. Even some Restaurants' own Menu pics have noodle dishes look like a plate of worms. It's difficult to get it right and you nailed it! It all looks quite wonderful. :)

  4. Nom nom- looks delicious! Alex

  5. Those dumplings looks delicious and cute as well!
    Beautiful pictures taken c: Xx

  6. Replies
    1. Inside the David Jones center in the city!!!

  7. That looks like a seriously scrumptious spread and ideal way to ring in the Chinese New Year.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I'm going to be craving dumplings all day now. :)

  8. Oh those dumplings look absolutely yummy! And that restaurant is absolutely striking with all the vintage Shanghai Girl it! Hope you are having the most fabulous start to the new year my dear!
    May x


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