Monday, September 14, 2015

1930s Beach Dress

Contrary to how it must look, with it being rare that you will ever see me in a hat - I actually really love wearing hats! My only problem is that its not often that I am able to find a hat that I like and you would be surprised how much time I actually spend online looking at hats.

Dramatic hats with a wide brim are a favorite of mine, and I would wear them more often if only I could figure out how to keep them from flying off my head. I especially love hats from the 40s and 50s and spent this weekend pawing through hats in antique shops with disappointing results, so I was pretty pleased when I came across this one in Myer!

This elegant Collectif maxi dress is reminiscent of 1930s beach wear and was extremely glamorous to wear for a walk along the promenade. The fit of the dress is nice and loose with light flowing fabric and in summer it would be perfect to pop on over a swimsuit and lounge by the pool - cocktail in hand of course.

Hat - Myer
Dress - Collectif
Shoes - Novo


  1. That dress is stunning and looks perfect paired with that hat :)

  2. Such a lovely flow on you! This outfit is stunning!

  3. If you can figure out that hat thing, let me know! You look so effortlessly glamorous and dear me, your figure is to die for! Stunning x

  4. Utterly and completely ravishing - I really mean it. This beach perfect outfit looks like a million, nay, a billion dollars on you, sweet dear.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. You look absolutely stunning. Love bot the hat und the dress.
    Greetings from Germany,

  6. Estou encantada com seu look, simplesmente lindo.
    Casa Cherry

  7. Woot woooooo looking good! I love hats too! Have you tried good old hat pins just like the ladies of old wore? You thread it through the hat, catch the pin a little through your hair then back through the hat (in theory not stabbing yourself in the process).

  8. You look like such a dream! I've been quite wearied with my vintage wardrobe of late and this style is exactly where I'd love to take my aesthetic. If only!

  9. This dress is gorgeous on you! I have a similar problem with hats. Before I got into vintage style I wore hats quite often. But vintage hats is a whole other world!! I don't think I know how to wear them at all...

    x G

  10. You look absolutely divine! I really want to start wearing hats like this, but I have a hard time styling them, and then again getting them to stay on is a trick too!

  11. Ever since you posted these photos I have been looking for that dress - it's been out of stock everywhere in my size. But TODAY is a good day because I just found it on Ebay and snapped it up! I hope it looks half as good on me as it does on you here... xx


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