Friday, September 11, 2015


One thing that I regret, is not having got myself a pair of dungarees sooner! As you know, I love my Freddies of Pinewood jeans that I already own, and these dungarees might be a new favorite. Like the other Freddies jeans, I bought these based on waist measurement and found them true to size. I am lucky because I have never had any issues with Freddies jeans when it comes to how they fit and always go by my waist size. These dungarees have come into my life at just the right time as in a few weeks we are moving and there will be a lot of cleaning and putting together furniture - activities that require something more practical than a dress!

Top - Freddies of Pinewood
Shoes - Kmart
Sunglasses - Vintage dead stock


  1. Okay, I just squealed out loud for real. We have the exact same Freddies overalls/dungarees!!! Eeeee!!!!! :D You look soooo cute in yours, honey!

    They're my only pair of overalls, bought, gosh, nearly four years ago (at least) now, and still in utterly awesome shape, even after dozens of wears, many washes, and countless trips to the dog park (they're my go-to garment for such from fall to late spring).

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. These look so perfect on you! Every pair of overalls I have seen are always way over sized and don't even come close enough to having the right fit.

  3. This dungarees is really nice, I like the dark jeans and pockets design,
    you're perfectly.
    Very pretty even t-shirts and photographs!
    Long live the country girls !!


  4. It sounds like it was totally meant to be! How perfect to get these just in time for the big move! Looking stylish while working hard! :D These are so cute on you!

  5. These just suit you to a tee - this is casual style done to perfection <3 and they make your waist look so teeny tiny - I am so sad I can't get Freddies to work on me :( x

  6. These look fabulous. Stylish and practical, definitely a winner!

  7. Loving these Freddies of Pinewood Dungarees on practical yet stylish! :)

  8. I didn't wear dungarees since primary school. You look so nice in them :)

  9. These would be ideal for me being a keen gardener - but I still can't overcome my adversion to denim!

    They suit you though and as you say a dress would not be the best thing to wear when moving house!

  10. So useful to have dungarees for rough work, you still look smart though. Good luck with your move, it's difficult and takes time but your dressed for some serious work in those. I might just have to get a pair, not tried anything from Freddie's yet!

  11. I just love being able to dress in vintage casual for running around and doing errands ~ it makes you feel stylish even when you are 'roughing' it out of dresses! These dungarees certainly are perfect for that; they looks so cute on you too Harlow! I love it! :D ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill


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