Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Obsession with Rayon

Dress - Trashy Diva 'Sweetie' Dress
Shoes - Novo
Glasses - Wildfox
So that's three rayon dresses in a row that I've blogged this month! Even cotton feels too heavy at the moment - this past week we've had days where it's reached 39 degrees. I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing less glamorous than pincurls going limp from sweat and having to peel my dress off my skin when its absolutely drenched.

There is a reason I don't leave home without a parasol, it is less of a fashion statement and more of a necessity! Luckily I do own a number of rayon dresses now, all of them by Trashy Diva, and this morning I managed to track down another rayon dress in the Sweetie style on Ebay...despite having placed myself on a ban from buying dresses this year...

Rayon is the quintessential 1940s fabric, it was hugely popular during the war and post war period as its production was not affected by wartime shortages the way fabrics such as wool and silk were. The 'Sweetie' dress is a reproduction of the iconic 40s shirtwaist dress and probably my all time favorite Trashy Diva style! I love the way the cut accentuates an hour glass figure, the contrasting buttons and belt buckle.


  1. I always assumed that rayon was no good in the heat, so that's useful to know! You look gorgeous, as always. That really is a super pretty shirt dress. I desperately want to find a good shirt dress this year! CC x

  2. That dress is beautiful, I really love the colours. The vibrant red really compliments your light hair and skin tone.


  3. Oh gosh! I feel you with the sweaty pin-curls. Sweaty pin curls, sweaty makeup and dresses that dont go well in heat :( Summer really has its down sides here huh? Oh well, in winter I do miss being able to wear all my summer dresses without a jumper/cardigan. I'm going to look out for rayon dresses, I always assumed they wouldnt fare well in the heat.

  4. I know you get fed up of the heat after a while, but I do wish it was warm enough here to just wear one layer! I'm bundled up like nobody's business at the moment.

  5. You look so lovely here. I really like the red and yellow on you, and the round sunglasses are the perfect touch to set the whole thing off. And thank you for your comment letting me know what a pagoda umbrella is called - seeing all of your fabulous umbrellas and parasols is definitely moving to me pick up some of my own before summer hits in my hemisphere.
    Zella Maybe

  6. That is mighty toasty indeed! We got up to 42C here during the warmest days last summer and I was tempted to eschew clothing all together! (Alas, that really doesn't make for good outfit photos though, sooo....no :D)

    You look gorgeous, dear gal. I love the way deep, bright red like this pops all the more with your light blonde hair. The two are perfect together!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. The dress is gorgeous and fits you so lovely! I love the belt and the shoes go hand in hand with it. And yes, hasn't this heat been awful - certainly not a friend to the vintage loving gal! I don't dare try and style my hair when going outside as I know it'll just all turn limp. The cool from Autumn will be so relieving when it comes.

  8. This dress is sooo lovely, the cut is wonderful and the fabric is so pretty. Red always looks amazing on you! I love the rayon fabric on Trashy Diva dresses too, it always feels so nice! x

  9. hello there in the sunny Australia!...each photos is full of colours like a painting ...and...Your outfit is a stunning work of Art...what a gorgeous Pin-up Style...cheers

  10. Yes it was so hot here in Queensland, last weekend. Now it's raining! I'm loving that dress on you, looks amazing on you! xo

  11. I love looking at all your Trashy Diva! You have quite a collection! And everyone of them looks absolutely perfect on you! Also, score that you were able to get this on ebay! I love it when I find TD on ebay! <3 I have a Sweetie in the Sweetie hearts and I love it <3 Check mine out here :) http://silvercatteaparty.blogspot.com/2014/02/be-still-my-heart-valentines-tea-at.html

  12. i love shirtdresses with a cinched in waist or a belt, i find them so flattering and appropriate for so many occasions. and of course the material they're made of becomes so important in summer when it gets so hot! and even hotter up in QLD than in Sydney too, i'd pick it over winter any day of the week but i'm sure it's never pleasant peeling yourself out of your clothes at the end of the day, haha.

    jessica - littlehenrylee.com


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