Sunday, April 5, 2015

Autumn in Surry Hills

Something new on the blog today - new trousers, and a completely new place! My partner and I are in Sydney at the moment celebrating our anniversary and catching up with friends. We're staying in the most gorgeous part of the city - Surry Hills, and I have completely fallen in love with the beautiful streets and terrace houses. Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited, I don't know how I'll be able to go back to Brisbane - if only I had the finances to never have to leave!
I've also been loving the cool weather; this is actually the first time I've properly experienced autumn in Australia. The leaves in the streets here are turning golden and it almost doesn't even feel like I'm in Australia at all, it feels a lot more like Europe.

With this cool weather it means I can make put together more interesting outfits and actually wear trousers and cardigans! These trousers are by Collectif and are extremely comfortable and warm for winter. I am on the short side so I did have to have them taken up to fit me - you should have seen how long they were when I first got them! I've avoided wearing trousers for a while because I can never be bothered to have them altered, but I've decided that I love wearing them and have since bought a few more pairs of 40s trousers and 50s jeans that I can't wait to blog.

Cardigan - Dangerfield
Trousers - Collectif
Shoes - I Love Billy


  1. Hang on - you were in my hood!!! MA HOODDDD!!! Boooooo!!! You look super cute though!

  2. These pictures are so beautiful, looks like an amazing area. Hope you're enjoying your trip :)

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  4. such beautfiul photos full of autumnal magic colours!...such charming outfit!

  5. Hello!
    Let me congradulate you on celebrating your anniversary - it's always nice to hear about thinkgs (relationships) lasting more that "cat's parade" :)

    Oh.. I have a new love-interest: your sweater. It's divine! :)


  6. Goodness, do these wide legged/swing trousers look sensational on you, dear gal! I'm petite myself, at barely 5'2", and have always had to hem or roll my vintage inspired/repro pants and jeans, too. One perk to being short though is that sometimes you can find cropped pants that fit you perfectly as full length pants. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  7. You look fab in trousers! And no surprise that Collectif are behind these ones - they've had some great styles recently - I particularly love their cigarette pants and rockabilly jeans <3 I hope you rock some more trousers as like Jessica I'm 5'2" too and I like to see fellow shorter-than-average ladies style them :)

  8. Ah Surry Hills..I am sad to be leaving Sydney in a few weeks! You should definitely sneak in wearing trousers more often because they look lovely! x

  9. You look so adorable, as usual! Love love love.

  10. Loving those pants girlie!!!!
    -Lauren Blair

  11. what a generous compliment to bestow on humble little sydney! maybe i'm just used to it that way it is so i'm immune to the charm you can find in it but it's lovely to hear your perspective. :) also how adorable and perfect is the poodle cardigan?! i'm really tempted to pick it up in the other colours as well. x

    jessica -

  12. You look amazing in trousers. I am a fairly new convert to trouser wearing and once I got used to them find them so versatile and comfortable. I now wish I started to wear them years ago. I love the style of yours and must a wide legged pair myself soon as they will suit my modest dress style

  13. Beautiful outfit and beautiful photos! It sounds like you are having a lovely time in Sydney! Looking forward to more of your outfits with trousers!

  14. Oh Surry Hills, it's been so long since I roamed your streets, cafés and Vintage shops...Thanks for bringing back sweet memories!


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