Monday, April 27, 2015

Wildflowers and Tiny Berries

Until recently there were no flowers growing in the bushland area near our house, not even any grass. The deer had gobbled up everything they could until the whole area was left bare. So this week when we went for a walk here I was delighted to see that all of the wildflowers were back! There were even little red berries that matched the ones on this Elise Design dress that I have on loan from Kayla.

Elise is a great home grown vintage reproduction brand with incredibly high quality pieces that have an authentic vintage look. I am always excited when I discover a new repro brand that really looks and feels like a true vintage piece, especially if it's Australian!

Dress - Elise Design
Shoes - Novo


  1. I've never heard of this brand, which perhaps isn't surprising as I'm so far away, but what surprises me for one I don't know about is how much they have on offer! They have so many dresses! Some of them are quite typical repro that we see a lot of, but there's some much more unusual ones like this one you're wearing too. I thought I recognised it from seeing it on Kayla - it's amazing how different things look on each of you, but equally gorgeous :)

  2. The colour of the dress is interesting, haven't seen many dresses like that. :D Lovely photos of you! You know, it's been fun to follow your blog all these years - you've found a style that really suits you. (I'm still sort of experimenting... :D)

  3. hello there...what a stunning outfit of fabolous...also the blend with the Red shoes is Perfect...too Chic Shoes!

  4. I was surprised to read that that dress is Repo, I thought it was genuine Vintage! Another stunning post as usual x

  5. How terrifically lovely! Turquoise/soft teal is a radiant colour and one that looks so very pretty on you, dear Harlow. This dress is terrific. I love how straight up mid-century it looks.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Oh, that's very cute and unique. I love the colors.

  7. I really love the unique styling of this dress, and it's great that the brand is Aussie! Yay Oz! The color looks so wonderful on you Harlow. It's so neat to see a bit of the magnificent Australian bush with all it's pretty colors in your photos. It can be hard to find really photogenic bush, I think because most of the charm of the Australian bush is in it's subtlety which is so difficult to capture. You've done a great job with these shots though, the colors look fabulous. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  8. So gorgeous! love the dress so much!

  9. that's a wonderful dress! and the photos are beautiful! xx


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